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RS-M Canned Food Drive: A Huge Success!
Recently RS-M High School hosted a canned food drive, which was sponsored by the FFA. Each third period class was encouraged to bring in as many cans as possible to win a free lunch. The teacher of the winning class received prizes as well, like a Cone’s Meat gift certificate and a Christmas wreath. The winning class was the third period sociology class, taught at the time by Mrs. Porphy. The students in the class brought in 91 cans, and the school as a whole brought in 266 cans. The students in Mrs. Porphy’s class enjoyed their lunch and had a blast! All the cans are being donated locally; thank you to everyone who participated!

Relay Recruitment Team Has a Busy Week
Morgan Havird, Phillip Adams, and Morgan Eidson spent their Monday evening introducing the Relay on The Ridge to the Ridge Spring Volunteer Fire Department during the fire department’s first meeting of March.  Havird and Adams also presented information about Relay on the Ridges to The Friends of Ridge Spring Thurs., Mar. 21,at the Ridge Spring Library.
Phillip began the presentation with a story about how his grandfather loved to take him fishing.
 Phillip said, “When I was around ten years old, I remember my grandfather being full of energy and life. My grandfather was always challenging me to catch a bigger fish than him and I tried and sometimes I did. Then one day, I just remember my grandfather being weak and then in the span of only what seemed to be a few weeks, he was gone.”
Phillip continued, “Mr. Crim started talking about our Relay this year, and he simply said that you all have a cancer story. I looked at him and said that I didn’t.  
“Mr. Crim said simply, ‘Ask Momma.’
“When I told my momma about what Mr. Crim told me to do, she smiled, and said, “You do have a cancer story. She told me about what really happened to my grandfather.
“Simply put, this is why I am so involved with Relay on The Ridge, and that is also the reason why I want you to get involved with Relay on The Ridge,” he concluded.
Morgan Havird then presented a short video on what Relay for Life is and how the funds raised at Relays all over the country are used to help with cancer treatments, cancer education, and research into defeating cancer.
Both audiences were given an invitation asking them not only to attend Relay on The Ridge, April 19, 2013, at Ridge Spring-Monetta High School, but also to participate by forming a team.
If you would like for The Relay recruitment team to visit your group and explain why we support Relay and why you and your group need to get involved, contact Mr. Michael Crim, the RS-M FFA Advisor, at 803/685-2100 or 803/480-0386.
The FFA had an outstanding showing at the Lower State Regional FFA Leadership CDE
The FFA had an outstanding showing at the Lower State Regional FFA Leadership CDE on Tuesday, May 8, at Edisto High School in Cordova, SC.
Finishing first in the Extemporaneous Public Speaking CDE was FFA junior Ethan Derrick. He had thirty minutes to prepare a four-minute speech related to an agriculture topic.
Phillip Adams, a FFA sophomore, finished first in the Prepared Public Speaking CDE, his speech covered the topic “The Agriculture behind a Fire House Sub.” 
Joseph Miller, a FFA Freshman finished second in the Greenhand Creed Speaking CDE. He had to recite the FFA Creed and then answer questions related to its meaning. The quote of the day came from Joseph Miller: “If I had only listened to Mr. Crim, I would have won.” 
All three will compete at the state level in June at the South Carolina FFA Convention at Clemson University.
Picnic Tables
Ridge Spring-Monetta Agriculture Department Builds Square Foot Gardens
Ridge Spring-Monetta Agriculture Department Builds Square Foot Gardens

By Evan Layton, RS-M FFA Reporter
RIDGE SPRING – When most of the students enrolled in the agriculture program at Ridge Spring-Monetta High School are asked what they hate about gardening, a variety of responses are heard.  Teenagers sometimes say, “It is too hot.”  They might say, “All we do in our garden is pull weeds.” But most teen students simply say, “It is too much work.”  The strange thing is that if you ask the adults in the RS-M community, you’ll get the same responses.

Gardening is work, but most of the people that enjoy gardening will tell you that the effort and time invested are well worth the heat, the pulling of weeds, and yes, if you enjoy it, it is never work.  The fresh vegetables, the home-grown melons, and the personal gratification one gets from producing one’s own food builds confidence and instills a sense of pride for people of all ages.

If I were to tell you that there is a way for those of us who don’t like to garden to almost eliminate all the negatives about gardening, would you be interested?   I bet you would!

A solution is Square Foot Gardening.  Square Foot Garden is container garden by definition. It is not a bunch of pots on your porch or in your backyard.  It is a shallow structure, usually no more than six inches deep.  It is weed-free, and native soils are not used.  Potting soil is recommended and because you can shop for potting soils, soil amendments, synthetic fertilizers, and lime might not need to be added.  Another advantage is that square foot gardens usually only require about twenty percent of the water that a normal garden of the same size would use.  Each unit takes up very little space.

If you are interested in square foot garden, I recommend a simple search on the internet. 

If you interested in purchasing a Square Foot Garden, the Ridge Spring-Monetta Agriculture Department is selling them. A 3x3 unit costs $35, a 4x4 unit costs $65, and a 5x5 unit costs $100.

Please contact Mr. Michael Crim, FFA Advisor at Ridge Spring-Monetta High School to purchase your unit. The number is 803/685-2100 or e-mail tcrim@aiken.k12.sc.us

Ridge Spring-Monetta Attends South Carolina FFA Day at the South Carolina State Fair

Ridge Spring-Monetta Attends South Carolina FFA Day at the South Carolina State Fair. By Jamie Hartley, RS-M FFA Sentinel 11-12

Thirty Five Ridge Spring-Monetta FFA Members attended the 2011 FFA Day at the South Carolina State Fair October 13, 2011, along with an estimated eight hundred FFA Members from across the Palmetto State.

For weeks, our chapter has been excited about our day at the SC State Fair. Most of us of course were excited about the midway, the great fair food, and a day without English, Biology, and Algebra. We quickly found out that we were still in school and that the main purpose of the fair was education.

Mr. Crim, our FFA advisor, told us all when we entered the main gate to report to the livestock arena. In the arena, the State FFA had a podium set up and a speaker ready to go. Mr. Crim handed out a scavenger hunt told us we had 45 minutes to answer questions about the fair. We took off. Many of us saw something we had never seen before at the fair. We saw the scope of agriculture in our state. We saw dairy, beef cattle, chickens, small exotic animals, Christmas trees, honey, and a flower show. In the main building, we saw technology that has advanced cotton production from harvesting by hand to a cotton picker that bales cotton in a round bale like hay.

During the FFA presentation, the South Carolina State Officers team addressed the estimated eight hundred members in attendance, and the SC State Fair officials awarded scholarships to several FFA members from across the state.

Then we were off to the best part of the fair, the food. Corndogs, chicken wings, sausage dogs, and assorted variations of the traditional fair foods were there, and they all were delicious.

As I walked through the fair, I learned some other important facts about the South Carolina State Fair. The State Agricultural and Mechanics Society of South Carolina started the fair in 1869. The organization is now known simply as the State Agriculture Society. The South Carolina State Fair is listed in the top 50 fairs in the United States. Most important to South Carolina FFA members and other high school students from all over The Palmetto State, the fair has contributed over more than one million dollars in scholarships over the last decade. That makes all those corndogs, cotton candy, and Cokes worth it.

My chapter learned from the South Carolina State Fair that a fair is more than rides and elephant ears. A fair is a reflection of the area it represents. Our state fair is our state and it is a great asset to our people. So go to the fair and experience what I experienced: the Palmetto State as it finest.

Saluda County Rabbit Experts Address Agriscience Class at Ridge Spring-Monetta
Mr. Ray Brewer and his wife Margie of Saluda County brought four of
 their prized rabbits to the Ridge Spring-Monetta High School to help
 explain proper rabbit care.
 Mr. Brewer began his lecture with a brief introduction of the history
 of the rabbit. He spent some time talking about the different 
 types of
 people that handle rabbits. He talked briefly about rabbit shows and
 rabbit showing techniques and the importance of purchasing the best
 rabbit for your needs. He also mentioned the different markets for
 rabbits. He took about 10 minutes to answer questions from the 35
 students in attendance. For the final 15 minutes of the program, Mr.
 and Mrs. Brewer allowed the students to handle the rabbits.
 Amber Davis, a freshman from Ward, stated, “ I have always enjoyed
 rabbits, but now I have a greater understanding of the many uses there
 are for them.”
RS-M FFA / Alumni to host joint meeting

The Ridge Spring-Monetta FFA and Alumni will host a joint meeting on October 3, 2011 at 7pm in the RS-M High School Library.  The speaker will be Mr. Wes Bowmer.  Mr. Bowmer is the current president of the South Carolina Beekeeper Association.  He will speak about the association and the honeybee in South Carolina.  The meeting is open to the public.  If you would like to attend contact Michael Crim @803.685.2100  

Ridge Spring-Monetta FFA Adopts Trojan Road.
The Ridge Spring-Monetta FFA has officially adopted the Saluda County section of Trojan Road. On September the 13, 15 Ridge Spring-Monetta FFA members and their a dvisor, Michael Crim, started their Adopt-a-Highway project.
"The project is a no-brainer," says Mr. Crim. "For the past year, we have discussed doing a public outreach program, and the Adopt-a-Highway program just fits well into our program. The Saluda County section of Trojan Road is covenant and a larger percentage of our community travel on it daily."
The RS-M FFA members are excited about the project, and each quarter for the next 2 years they will be maintaining it. Sophomore Phillip Adams says that he can’t wait to see the RS-M FFA sign up soon, so the highway will officially be ours
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